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A recent piece for the New Jersey Institute of Technology's magazine. I worked with designer Claude Skelton on this cover assignment. Data management can be tricky - the objective is to unify information from various disciplines (environment, bioscience and technology) smoothly and efficiently.

I received a call from Manny Velez at the Wall Street Journal for a feature called 'Anatomy of a Song'. After throwing around a few concepts we agreed using my mechanical collage would be a good way to convey the idea.




Not so Supercommittee

A new series of spots for the Wall Street Journal, about the possible outcomes of the budgetary 'supercommittee', ranging from full success to complete failure. The cynic in me is completely unimpressed.

possible outcome: successful probability: very low


possible outcome: partially successful probability: low


possible outcome: failure, triggers engage   probability: low


possible outcome:complete failure    probability: very high


And a snapshot of the icons in place on the page



Anatomy of a Default

A recent series of spots for the Wall Street Journal. The anatomy of a National Default. We've been hearing plenty about the crisis in Europe. This is some deep shit we are in here, folks, let's hope it doesn't get to stage 5.

Stage 1: Banking Trouble

Stage 2: Political Turmoil

Stage 3: External Aid Package

Stage 4: Bond Swap/ Offer Package

Stage 5: Capitulation/Default