Happy Holidays

My son is coming home from University tomorrow. So excited to have everyone home again for Christmas. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season!



A season of change

It's been a whirlwind this fall, heading into winter. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner.

In October, we had an election, and our political situation in Canada was turned on its head. Here's a piece that was created shortly after Justin Trudeau seized a surprising majority government for the Liberals. With so much bad news and so many dark events on the horizon, this was a nice moment of change and positive energy for our country.

This illustration was created for Watershed Magazine, for an article about the shifting political landscape, art director Meg Botha.



ICON Interview

I was invited to stand before the camera in Portland, Oregon last summer and talk about the Illustration Conference and share some thoughts. It was a beautiful summer day and I was feeling the laid-back vibe of the city. So, why not?

Take a look at the video below. The guy behind the camera was fun and I love Jill Calder's enthusiasm. ICON is a real treat for creatives and an inspiration for dedicated professionals like me. Looking forward to Austin, TX next summer!


ICON Attendees: In their own words - ICON9 The Illustration Conference, Austin, Texas July 6-9, 2016 from ICON The Illustration Conference on Vimeo.


Happy Haunting

When I was a kid there was this Saturday afternoon tv show hosted by 'Sir Graves Ghastly', and I was raised on b-grade horror movies. Here's a little seasonal tribute to the haunted mansion. Enter at your own peril.


Happy Halloween!


Here's the base collage:


Crazy Mixed-Up World

Trying to make sense of things day-to-day is disorienting enough. Trying to take in the bigger picture on a global scale is an entirely different story.

I was thrilled and challenged when this assignment came through from designer Louis Fishauf, for Global Briefings magazine. The cover image was based on the title feature: To Do or not To Do - Doing Something, Doing Nothing, and Avoiding Breaking. We live in an age of peril and uncertainty, and I wanted to reflect that in a strong, central image. On one side - financial markets (in turmoil) and on the other, contagion and environmental risks. Getting a sense of balance/imbalance and the headache-inducing choices we face was the focus of this piece, and Louis was great to work with. Here's the final:

Designing on a black background was a new challenge - I worked up some sketches (below) directly on the background, and tried to strike the right balance with colours & objects. Here's a bigger version of the cover image:



I also liked the idea of our institutions in crisis, so I drafted up concepts involving a legislative/financial building as a base:


Next we tackled the inside feature: "Man and His Economic-Financial Crises." This was about the mechanisms and massive scale of the economic machinery behind the meltdowns. The lowly repairman about to ascend into this massive machine again punctuates the enormity of the issue outlined.

It's a pleasure to dive into an assignment like this, with it's weight and complexity. I constructed a mechanical globe and populated it with gadgets, gauges, engines and monitors. I also created an alternate, darker version here:

I am happy to be working with i2i Art, and reps Angela Dunning & Shelly Brown. You can see my portfolio and read about this assignment on their website:

i2i Art Website

Global Brief Article