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Crazy Mixed-Up World

Trying to make sense of things day-to-day is disorienting enough. Trying to take in the bigger picture on a global scale is an entirely different story.

I was thrilled and challenged when this assignment came through from designer Louis Fishauf, for Global Briefings magazine. The cover image was based on the title feature: To Do or not To Do - Doing Something, Doing Nothing, and Avoiding Breaking. We live in an age of peril and uncertainty, and I wanted to reflect that in a strong, central image. On one side - financial markets (in turmoil) and on the other, contagion and environmental risks. Getting a sense of balance/imbalance and the headache-inducing choices we face was the focus of this piece, and Louis was great to work with. Here's the final:

Designing on a black background was a new challenge - I worked up some sketches (below) directly on the background, and tried to strike the right balance with colours & objects. Here's a bigger version of the cover image:



I also liked the idea of our institutions in crisis, so I drafted up concepts involving a legislative/financial building as a base:


Next we tackled the inside feature: "Man and His Economic-Financial Crises." This was about the mechanisms and massive scale of the economic machinery behind the meltdowns. The lowly repairman about to ascend into this massive machine again punctuates the enormity of the issue outlined.

It's a pleasure to dive into an assignment like this, with it's weight and complexity. I constructed a mechanical globe and populated it with gadgets, gauges, engines and monitors. I also created an alternate, darker version here:

I am happy to be working with i2i Art, and reps Angela Dunning & Shelly Brown. You can see my portfolio and read about this assignment on their website:

i2i Art Website

Global Brief Article


Gun Violence

I received a couple of assignments recently. New territory, unfamiliar subject matter. I am a pacifist and  I have never used gun images in my illustrations before. But this issue has forced its way into the collective consciousness in brutal and unimaginable acts, inflicted on the innocent. It has sparked debate and demanded action in terms of gun awareness,  gun ownership and gun control. 

Kory Kennedy at Entertainment Weekly commissioned a series of illustrations from some incredible artists, including Gary Taxali, David Plunkert, Eddie Guy and Dan Bejar. The article examined the role guns play in the whole entertainment market, from television to movies to video games. I was given the topic of guns and television. Here's my contribution:

I was really honoured to be a part of this series. Here is a couple of spreads from the magazine.



Schools should be a safe place for our children. We have to do everything we can to prevent what happened in Newtown from happening again.  Gun violence has cast a shadow over these places. Something has to be done.

This piece was commissioned by Phoenix Magazine.


On a personal note, the lettering for this illustration was taken from the school where my son attends and my wife teaches.