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Summer Sketchbook

I've had some time this summer to work on projects around the house, ride my bike, relax at the cottage and go swimming. But anyone in this business knows that the wheels don't stop turning, the flow of creativity doesn't shut off. Here's a piece that I created reflecting my creative wandering this summer.

This summer has been hot and dry, and trying at times, and the news cycle doesn't lift your spirits. I tried as best I could to ignore the election cycle in the U.S., but it never stops pounding away. So here's a series of images influenced by politics and power.

I drew this portrait during the Republican Convention. I wish I could say it was cathartic to complete this, but I just felt like washing my hands afterwards.

Polling Fatigue

Systems Rigged

Coping Mechanism


We suffered through an extremely long drought for our area, with leaves on the trees turning brown and dropping off. It's unnerving to see record temperatures across the board this summer. Here's another response, called Heatwave.

I will be putting together a number of screenprints for an upcoming show, but for now I will be heading for the beach. Get outside and stay cool and don't forget the sunscreen. Summer is almost over!

Here's a parting shot from the cottage dock. Wish I could have stayed longer.


Digital Sketchbook

Here's a few recent experimental pieces from my digital sketchbook.

I have an account over on Tumblr, I will be posting these and more on an ongoing basis.