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It's an uneasy subject. Something that we live with everyday. We connect, we locate, search and communicate. Ask any question and a response pops up immediately. Remember that obscure reference but can't place it? It's right there on your mobile device.

On a personal level, I have serious misgivings about carrying around a tracking device that can plot your every move, your shopping patterns and queries, who your friends are and what you 'like'. But it's a part of our modern lives. What are the implications, good and bad?

What's your comfort level?


I worked on this full-page article for Security Management magazine. Thanks to art directors Roy Comiskey and Elizabeth Lankes.



Covering your Assets

I could really use this technology. I lose my keys all the time. RFID tracking allows manufacturers and businesses to locate and track their assets during the manufacturing process, in transit and in storage or inventory.

I decided to keep things simple in this illustration, showing location in different context through the supply chain. I used an isometric perspective so that the message wouldn't get lost in the details. I have worked with art diretor Roy Comiskey on a number of tech-related articles, and I always enjoy the challenge of bringing new elements to the work.

Here's the piece in the final layout.


Fix-it Squad

Last month I dropped my iPhone while cycling. I didn't realize it at the time, so when I retraced my ride, I found it in the middle of the road. Smashed beyond repair. We become attached to our devices, I was pretty shaken by the ordeal, but called my carrier and got a replacement. Crisis averted. 

I was working on this assignment at the time. The illustration is for Hemispheres Magazine, and art director Christine Bower. is a website that provides service manuals and instructions for maintaining, repairing and upgrading electronics and other day-to-day gadgets. It's a great idea and is run by a guy with my last name, Kyle Wiens. Bravo! Let's all take better care of the stuff we have.



A recent piece for the New Jersey Institute of Technology's magazine. I worked with designer Claude Skelton on this cover assignment. Data management can be tricky - the objective is to unify information from various disciplines (environment, bioscience and technology) smoothly and efficiently.

I received a call from Manny Velez at the Wall Street Journal for a feature called 'Anatomy of a Song'. After throwing around a few concepts we agreed using my mechanical collage would be a good way to convey the idea.




Land Lines

I threw my fax machine out the other day. It had been sitting on my desk for years, gathering dust, occasionally whirring, beeping and spewing out junk ads. Jamming whenever I tried to send something out. What an odd and crude beast in an age of wireless, handheld communications.

I do remember how cool it was when I bought my first fax machine. When I started out as a freelancer, I would deliver sketches and finals by hand, an having a device that could send ideas to clients for approval. I dreamed of the day when I could send artwork over the wire, and in full colour too!

I received an assignment from Gretchen Kirchner at Forward magazine for a full-page illustration. It's all about companies that still use antiquated (fax and landlines) to get their message out in the wireless age. After developing and drawing this character, I made the move with my fax machine.


Here are the sketches I developed for the project, I had a lot of ideas ready to go on this one. I think we developed the right one.